To sleep, perchance to finish a goddamn script...

MCMTuesday, October 31, 2017

Missed the SOTU yesterday so I’m doubling up, because fun stuff on the go:

SCHNELL is done. Done done done. I’m sad, but also happy, because it was a fantastic run, top to bottom. I’ll let you know when it airs (and where).

THE PROBLEM KING is off for review, so hopefully I’ll have quasi-news on that front soon. I have no idea how long it’ll take, honestly, but that’s OK because I’m busy with…

PLEASE STOP, which is my feature spec script, rumbling towards its conclusion. Actually, that’s a lie; I wrote the conclusion fairly early on. It’s rumbling towards its MIDDLE. And oh, what a middle it will be.

THE OTHER YOU will get underway by the end of the week, as part of NaNo. My goal is two 2,000 word chapters a day for about 15-20 days. The crazy part of this one is that I have no outline to work from, so I’m gonna be winging it, top to bottom. Never done that before. Should be scary.

The rest of 2017 is looking to be fairly quiet on all fronts, so I’m going to blitz my way to 2018 by doing all the things I haven’t had time to do, until now.

Now just watch some new show start up and ask me to write a dozen episodes 🤪

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