Dustrunners Contest Winners

MCMWednesday, November 11, 2009

What wonderful entries we got!

The question was:

I want to know what you think about dustrunners. Not the book, the job. Asteroid pirates: good or bad? Kani's world is split on the issue, but how about you? What do YOU think?

Do you think they're saving the world, or up to no good?
If you found out your best friend was a dustrunner, would you help them out, or turn them in?

And the answers were diverse and quite nutty. But I had to pick four winners, so here they are:

The best-reasoned answer: @charnanigans

Support. I have an inherent distrust of large corporations, and there's something fishy about the situation.

I can't put my finger on it right at this moment, but there's something about the structure of the situation that feels wrong.

Until there's proof otherwise, I'm willing to believe the dustrunners are, if not totally right, then less wrong than the corps.

The worst-reasoned answer: Anna

I think they are saving the world because Kaso is such a cool character that he can't be evil. And I would totally help my friend because that would mean I'd get to meet sexy pirates and maybe have some more of that bondage in space stuff!

The funniest answer: @mjgolli

Dustrunners: If I support the Dustrunners, will they come and take the dust off my furniture? That would be helpful.

The most poetic answer: @tenaciousN

I cannot and will not support dustrunners. Anyone who can run on dust is not only unsanitary, but must be in congress with the devil. How else could said runner get traction on the soft, slippery stuff?

And asteroid pirates? They're a travesty. Those brigands are abusing those cold, alienated hunks of rock. Asteroids are either detritus from a cosmic collision, or bits of star stuff that never managed to amount to anything. Haven't they been through enough? HAVE YOU HUGGED AN ASTEROID LATELY?

Bonus! Most unrelated-yet-addictive answer: Piers

Support. Anyone who thwarts the hegemony or facebook or whatever is okay in my house. I mean books.

I mean "books in my house." #hegemonic #refrigerator

though I freely admit that I believe that "hegemonic" is either a pokemon or shorthand for "sonic the hedgehog"

@charnanigans in the future "thought-abuse" will become normative, but will be frowned upon by Sonic, the ruling hegemony

You are all insane, I hope you realize that. I was going to single out Piers, but really, you're ALL ten eggs short of a dozen. Well done!

Please email me with your preferred image and your postal address, and I will drop them in the mail in the next few days! Thanks for playing!

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