Martian Idiots is Out

MCMTuesday, October 6, 2015

Droplet Fiction is a new experiment wherein I release a new "episode" every week, cycling between multiple series until each run is finished. The stories are available for purchase at Amazon, and eventually on a Droplet Fiction app for iOS and Android.

Here is the second entry into Niko Joe Adventures, Martian Idiots...

Convincing people to live on Mars is hard enough, but I've been roped into the promotions game by having to fake a cat-and-mouse game with a noted "survivalist" who's broadcasting his "exciting exploits" back to Earth. There's just one problem with this plan: I killed the guy.

Downside: I have to pretend to be an outdoorsy dunce on Mars, lighting fires and catching squirrels or whatever it is he thought he was gonna do.

Upside: I get to pretend to be an outdoorsy dunce on Mars. This is going to be fun!

Check out the rest and stay tuned for more excitement next week!

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