Fix Typhoon

MCMSaturday, October 10, 2009

So #3D1D was a lot of work, but now the real struggle begins: turning Typhoon into a better book. I know you've all done a lot for me already, but I'm going to ask one more favour: help me diagnose problems.

When you were reading it, you probably had moments where you said "Oh dear, that made no sense." I can't always see where those moments are, and if they don't get fixed, it will ruin the experience for any future readers. So here's my request: tell me what didn't work for you, what didn't make sense, what you THINK you understood, but aren't sure about. Typos and grammar can wait (unless it really bugs you)... I'm trying to see what utterly failed.

I need brutal honesty here. I don't offend easily, so don't hold back. Was the Rache-in-the-hangar scene at the end too full of itself? Do you understand what dustrunners are all about (or more importantly, do feel like you understand enough)? Was Kani too unsympathetic? Did Rook need more exploration?

And no, "Not enough Kaso" does not count as a criticism :P

So please, discuss Typhoon below. Anything, big or small. Debate. Bicker. Everything helps. I need a game plan, and you guys are the ones with the best vantage point to show me how it'll come together. You can also email if you like. I know Disqus scares some of you. But please let me know. I want to make this book the best it can possibly be.


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