Pre-Order #3D1D Typhoon

MCMWednesday, October 28, 2009

It's been 20 days, and I'm finally ready for pre-orders. Formatting #3D1D into a book has been an insane undertaking, but I've learned a lot. Most notably: you are all insane.

I still need to finish writing the Fangirl and Sock stories, but the rest of the book is fully done. It should end up a little over 650 pages (and a 7x10 book, too, so it ain't tiny). Because of this (and the brutal truth of publishing), I've created a few options for buying the final product.

#3D1D Typhoon Collector's Edition eBook — $10.00

This is a specially-crafted PDF with a signed and numbered cover page (I print out the cover, sign it, scan it back in and attach it to your copy. Each book also comes with a special back page, with a secret written on it that will give you a hint about the future of the Dustrunners saga. Everyone gets their own secret. For example: a secret about Typhoon would have been "Rache will save your life." It's up to you to figure out how it applies.

The book also includes:

  • The full text as posted online;
  • The Twitter stream surrounding each chapter;
  • The Dispatch posts;
  • The full text of the Bonn Convention;
  • The dreaded "Left Sock" alternate scene with Yuri and Rache;
  • A short story about the Fangirl;
  • A preview of "Crystalline", book two of the series.

#3D1D Typhoon Collector's Edition eBook+ — $15.00

The "plus" version gives you the same signed and numbered PDF, but I'm also going to have a series of dustrunner ship images printed on glossy paper which I'll sign, number, and mail to you. It gives you something physical, without going for the big purchase below.

#3D1D Typhoon Collector's Edition Printed Book — $35.00 + shipping

This is where things get hefty. The print version is going to cost me an arm and a leg to print and ship for signing, so it's got to be $35. If I could do it any cheaper, I would. Each copy will be signed and numbered, with the secret hint written in the back. So you might not be able to read it. But y'know.

Honestly, I won't be offended if nobody wants this version. It's a big expense. So don't feel guilted into buying it over the others.

So what now?

Today, I'm officially opening things up for orders. If you buy the PDF versions, you'll get your copy in about a week (more or less). The "plus" prints will arrive a week or two later. The printed books could take a few weeks after that, because I haven't even got the proofs yet, and that can take a while to process. So you're looking at a near-or-after-Christmas timeframe. Hopefully sooner, but I can't guarantee it.

To buy your copy, visit this page (and be sure you log in!). And again: thank you VERY MUCH for making #3D1D such a huge success.

All content released under a Creative Commons BY-NC license except the contents of "TV" section, which belong to their respective owners.