Tiny Random Updates

MCMMonday, May 11, 2009

It was a wonderful weekend and this next week should be pretty fun as well. I am (naturally) falling behind on my plans to release Percy's Perch this month, but everything else is keeping pace nicely. So before I forget, here's a roundup of things to do in May 2009:

TorrentBoy! I did up a little image for TorrentBoy which is much darker and scarier than it probably should be, but I couldn't resist. I also expanded on kdnewton's excellent Crash design (bandana FTW) and did my best to recreate the Waser Bwaster 6000. This is what we call "pathetic procrastination" because I actually have a million things to do that are more pressing than doodling TorrentBoy right now :)

50 Word Story: I wrote a little story for the site 50 Word Stories that begins like this: "Two minutes later, the car was on fire." Read the rest here.

OMGWTF: Whatever could this cover be about? A certain work of fiction, finally in a language I have been requesting for YEARS? No! Certainly not! And I certainly won't have news about it soon! That would be CRAZY! Crazy, I say! [it's Japanese, for those who don't know]

The Vector: I had an epiphany over the weekend about a new thread to inject into the book. I have been trying to convince myself not to do it, but it ties up a lot of loose ends and would make the whole thing stronger. So if you are waiting for the proof copy, please be patient. It's almost done. Just need to write, edit, and proof before sending it out. Honest.

Philosophical Question: If one were environmentally friendly, would one opt to distribute one's books in paper form, or prefer to use electronic means only? It seems to me that a great many enviro-nuts (and I mean that in a kindly way) are also staunch supporters of the "books must be printed, not virtual" side. But to me, printing thousands of paper products seems iffy at best. So perhaps I should be moving away from physical books? Or is that going to limit my market even further? Egon Spengler, show me the way!

Fission Chips: I am aiming to have a preview up and running by the start of next week. Keep your fingers crossed, people. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

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