Last livewriting check-in

MCMSunday, November 28, 2010

In all honesty, I think I bit off more than I can chew. You probably know better than I do, but if I finish this sucker on time, it'll be a bit of a miracle. The New Real was written in 2 days and came out to 35,000 words or so. Typhoon was 45,000, but this... this I was projecting at about 85,000. So I may not make it. We'll see.

I'll write a final wrap-up post once I recover, but I want to pre-emptively thank you all for participating, and I hope you'll consider buying a copy of Typhoon for a friend or relative for the holidays, because it would make me happy, and hopefully create another lifelong addict fan for me to exploit entertain well into the future.

Thanks again, and now go watch me finish this sucker! Woo!

P.S. A big happy birthday to my friend J, who has nothing to do with dustrunners but happens to have a birthday today, so I felt like I should say something. Oh, and she's married to Appy, and they have a dog named Pikea. I shall say no more.

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