I would feel old, but I'm too tired

MCMMonday, September 4, 2017

OK, so last week was more of a write-off than expected, but on the plus side (?) I got Kid 1 off to university. But no time to dwell on that… there’s tons to do!


Schnell: One episode left to deliver as an outline (first thing in the morning, hopefully). Then I can start turning them into scripts. My goal is to get at least 2 done before the end of the week, even if they’re not really reviewed until the end of the month.

Parsley: Both outlines had tweaks done to them last week, but will probably not get approved to D1 this week. Long weekends and all that.

Marco: This will probably be slow for a few weeks yet. The trick of productions is that sometimes you’re too efficient at the start, and it creates a bottleneck a few weeks/months down the road, and you end up scrambling to catch up. That FEELS like what this is. But it’s all good, because the show is fun. 😊

Tesla: Meeting last week to get our bearings, and now we’re just waiting on the final go-ahead from the broadcaster. Maybe this week?


Problem King didn’t happen last week, and this week may be a wash too. On the other hand, I’ve started following writers on Twitter who are doing 5k+ words a DAY and it’s making me jealous. I can write an episode of a TV show in about 10% the time it takes the average writer, so why not do that with books? I mean aside from livewriting.

Just not with Problem King. That’d be silly 😀


Tangents took a back seat last week, but I’m going to fit it in this week, somehow. It’s gonna be awesome.


Hey Genie is going to be delivered on time on Wednesday this week. Be ready!

Pitch du Week

Oversight. I may actually try to do that this week. Because discipline is good. I think.

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