Halp me I'm meltingggggg

MCMTuesday, September 26, 2017

I kinda missed posting this yesterday, but for good reasons:

  • it’s really damn hot here and I was busy melting
  • I’m building a more efficient system to bridge Patreon and my new site, and all my workflow stuff. I gave it a test run yesterday and it screwed up, so I’ve gotta keep working… but when it’s done, it will be magical. And faster.

Otherwise, here is the scoop:

BOOKS: Finishing revs to Jacked 101 and then switching back to Utopian Hit Squad. Want to finish UHS before Thanksgiving (2 weeks from now) so I can switch to Problem King, which I am finally itching to finish again. Woo!

TV: Gotta finish 4 eps of Schnell (yes, still) and more urgently, one episode of Marco (today, please!). After that, relative silence, I think.

APPS: Writing a package for Why Did You, and then I’ll be ready to switch back to Tangents again.

And that, as they say, is that. If I’m gonna get half of this done this week, I’ve gotta get writing… so away I go!

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