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Here's a helpful guide to get you up to speed on the 3,148,000 words I am planning to write before I die. Keep in mind I often fall prey to Shiny Object Syndrome, so this list should not be considered "locked" or anywhere near complete.

Active Projects

Bytown Season 1 290,000 words
Historical fictionEpisodic webfiction
When Maggie Kelly's dreams of a quiet life are shattered, she is forced to confront the powerful figures ruling 1836 Bytown through terror and mayhem, even if it means giving up what little she has left.
write E1
write E2
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write E6
write E7
write E8
write E9
edit E1
edit E2
edit E3
edit E4
edit E5
edit E6
edit E7
edit E8
edit E9
Outline Writing Editing
Estimated arrival date: 2022

Scheduled Projects

DogeFight 50,000 words
Scifi adventureCryptoFic
A disgraced former test pilot is recruited into a dangerous and deranged plot to either a) steal a whole lotta bitcoin; b) save the world; or c) all of the above. Luckily, lemurs.
Outline Writing Editing
Estimated arrival date: June 2021
Oki and Nobbin 2 80,000 words
Scifi Comedy#1M1D
Oki and Nobbin are back for another round of insanity, this time trying to stop a plot to deflate stars (yes really) before the universe is plunged into darkness — with the caveat that this may all be Nobbin's fault.
Outline Writing Editing
Estimated arrival date: NaNo 2021
One Loves 50,000 words
The plot to this one is so complex that even just describing it here would give it away. What I CAN say is that it's a mind-bending romance written over the course of a month, with user input factoring into every last piece of the story.
Outline Writing Editing
Estimated arrival date: July 2021
Shell Game 50,000 words
Spy ThrillerRPG Fiction
A team of spies is pushed to the limit as they try to unravel a terrorist plot playing out on three continents at once — with three very different targets for three different reasons, and no clear indication where the danger truly lies.
Outline Writing Editing
Estimated arrival date: September 2021
Utopian Hit Squad (Release) 48,000 words
Heist ComedyNovel
Sam Coyne is a master thief being blackmailed into stealing a battery technology that will change the world, while trying to convince her niece (and herself) that "dashing criminal" isn't a viable career choice.
Outline Writing Editing
Estimated arrival date: Fall 2021?

To Do List

Arkady and Kain 95,000 words
Spy Thriller#1M1D
Arkady Denver is the world's most famous terrorist — beloved by millions, she is single-handedly giving extremism a good name by looking good on social media. So when longtime counterspy Derek Kain is assigned to "lock her down", things get explosive fast. the question isn't whether Arkady can break free — it's how many people are going to die in the process.
The Archivists Season 1 300,000 words
Historical FictionEpisodic Webfiction
A rebundling of the Archivists story into a nine-episode season. Season 1 follows Valerie (2011), Adele (1945) and Azim (1461) as they each fight to maintain the millennia-long traditions of the Archivists, against incredible odds and despite a growing threat from within...
The Archivists Season 2 (The Golian Plague) 300,000 words
Historical FictionEpisodic Webfiction
The second season of the Archivists story, following a new cast of characters as the plot against the Archivists grows more complex — with the revelation that the entire organization may have been infected with treason from the start.
The Archivists Season 3 (Kingmakers) 300,000 words
Historical FictionEpisodic Webfiction
The finale to the Archivists story, introducing a new cast of characters along with some old favourites, with shocking revelations about things you think you know, and people you thought you could trust.
Bytown Season 2 300,000 words
Historical FictionEpisodic Webfiction
The continuing adventures of various characters in and around the Bytown area in the mid-19th century. I can't say anything more at this time, except the E9 twist WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.
Bytown Season 3 300,000 words
Historical FictionEpisodic Webfiction
The finale to the Bytown series. Nine episodes of something I can't even begin to explain until you're done S2. Sorry!
Gearsmith 95,000 words
YA FantasyNovel
With her city about to be overrun by an invading army, a young orphan with a knack for mechanical feats must devise an improbable solution — tying together ancient magic, angry ghosts and hysterical superstition — to save not only herself, but everything she's ever known.
Goodnight Kiss 50,000 words
RomancePrism Fiction
A "define your characters" story where the protagonist is trying to kill a shady billionaire for very good reasons, only to get tangled up in a spidering set of lies that could cost them everything.
Jacked 100,000 words
ThrillerDestructured Novel
An interactive novel where, at the end of every section, the reader can decide what strand of the story to read next. Deep-dive into backstory, or plow through the here-and-now — it's up to you. The story is about an FBI agent with an experimental chip in her brain that gives her instant access to the entire internet — and all the bad things that come with that.
Macdeon (Dustrunners Book 3) 95,000 words
Scifi Thriller#3D1D
The third instalment in the Dustrunners series, this book picks up right after the bombing at the UN summit, and follows the heroes that survive as they try to piece together what's really going on — and whether or not they want to stop it in the first place.
Oki and Nobbin (Edit Pass) 80,000 words
Scifi Comedy#1M1D
Oki Pallen is a mercenary with a price on her head, and the only chance she has to get free is to help the (slightly deranged) Crown Prince Nobbin find his home world. The trick is: it's possible Nobbin didn't lose his home, but his home lost him.
Polarity (Dustrunners Book 2) (Edit Pass) 95,000 words
Scifi Thriller#3D1D
I really need to edit this book :(
Recovery 300,000 words
Historical FictionEpisodic Webfiction
A nine-episode webfiction series about a ramshackle hospital near the front lines of World War I, and the small team of unconventional doctors working to save as many lives as they can before the world comes crashing down all around them.
Third Avenue Girls 50,000 words
YA ScifiRendered Fiction
An app that looks like a journal being written in by three friends — where we see each pen stroke as it happens. Except these aren't just any three friends: they're living 100 years apart from each other in the same house in Ottawa — 1919, 2019 and 2119 — and trying to use the magic journal and all their wits to avert a disaster that's technically already happened.
Utopian Hit Squad 2 60,000 words
Heist ComedyNovel
Sam and the gang are back for an especially tricky con: stealing the cure to the common cold — from Robyn's mentor. But with Sam seemingly on a self-destructive path, the team has to work extra hard to keep things on track, or risk losing everything they've built.
Utopian Hit Squad 3 60,000 words
Heist ComedyNovel
I can't even begin to describe the plot to this one without spoiling #2, so let's just say: Meka makes a friend.
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