Poke of the Titans (10 to go!)

MCMWednesday, February 25, 2009

Today is the launch of "Poke of the Titans", book three of the SteamDuck series. This time, we return to the 1890's-through-a-dotcom-lens motif that Archimedes the duck excels at. And, well, ruthless murder.

What's it all about?

Glad you asked! "Poke" is about Archimedes the duck and his telekinetic fish Finley having just survived the crash of Andrew Carnegie's flying locomotive, finding themselves in a strange backwater town called Zuckerstown. Though it has a fascinating network of tubes connecting every room of every building, the city has a dark secret: each night, another resident is brutally killed in the most horrific of ways! It's up to Archimedes and Finley to solve the crime before they too become victims!

No really, what's it about?

SteamDuck stories are pure silliness. To get a better feel, check out "Archimedes' Fish" and "The Dark Red Lacquer of the Heart" (both free PDF downloads). In a nutshell: imagine the steampunk world has been infiltrated by Silicon Valley thinkers... great ideas, but with doubtful usefulness.

Where can I read it?

As always, the book is available at 1889 Books, in DRM-free PDF format. Just a quick note: if you read the book and enjoy it, please consider giving it a favourable rating on Amazon or another bookstore. Ratings cost nothing to you, but help me immensely.

Where can I buy it?

The 1889 Books page has a bunch of links on it (that will be updated more often than this blog post), but if you want some quickies, try Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Powell's. You can also ask at your local bookstore, but they may have to order it in for you.

But is there an eBook version?

Funny you should ask! There is indeed an .epub version of the book available for purchase. This file will work on your iPhone/iPod in Stanza (earlier experience says lots of people like this version).

Why would I buy it when it's free?

Well, there's the whole karma thing you might want to consider, but moreover, the paid versions (both print and eBook) have ads! Yes! It's... wait, don't run! They're GOOD ads! I carefully hand-crafted a trio of in-character ads for the SteamDuck world. I won't say what they are, but I have heard from several unbiased sources that they're worth the price of admission alone. So if you want to see for yourself, buy a copy!

If I bought the print version, how can I get the eBook too?

Just pay another $1.99 and you're golden! [thanks for the wording inspiration, Wil Wheaton!]

WTF is 12 Books in 12 Months?

You know how you have a thousand ideas in your head, but you never have time/permission to act on them all? I'm giving myself permission to try them all. I'm releasing a book a month for all of 2009. The first book was "The Pig and the Box", this is the second, and next up is the open source franchise "TorrentBoy". Snag the RSS on this site to keep up-to-date on developments!

Is there an audiobook version?

If you have a nice voice and want to give it a shot, be my guest. I myself sound like a gnome run through a snow blower, so you'll never hear me in an MP3.

Last time you had a YouTube video that you---

This time, I had some fun. It's Duggington, a 19th-century parody of Diggnation!

Any last words?

You'll never take me alive!

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