Topic Tag Tuesday

Topic Tag is simple: I pick someone to give me a prompt, and I write them a story (ideally in less than an hour). They then "tag" the next person in the chain, and the following Tuesday, we repeat the process.

Here are the 16 stories (so far!) from the latest edition of Topic Tag Tuesday:

2020-06-09 / For Paulo

What You See

You see the strangest things when you look in the mirror...

2020-06-02 / For Ashley

Water Pressure

A new backyard toy breaks all the rules, and changes lives forever.

2020-05-26 / For Alex

A Simulated Kind of Love

Damon and Lea's evening goes to unexpected places...

2020-05-19 / For Joël

Marley's Ghost

Scrooge's torment isn't over. Not by a long shot.

2020-05-12 / For Denise

Archangel 425

A literal ticking bomb prompts a shocking revelation that will change two spies forever.

2020-05-05 / For Luis

A True Emergency

When a mysterious package arrives at their door, Alejandro and Eme must make a terrible choice.

2020-04-28 / For Joël

Layers of Suck

Storylines collide and fight for dominance in this slice-of-unreality tale.

2020-04-21 / For Ania

Secret Sauce

Travel restrictions lead to all kinds of chaos for a famous singer and her assistant.

2020-04-14 / For Connor

That’s Your Fault

An improbable discovery leads to an even bigger calamity.

2020-04-07 / For Romeo

Survival of the Pivots

Sometimes you just have to stop and listen to your vacuum cleaner.

2020-03-31 / For Joël

The Feature

A routine outing on the moon's surface leads to a truly unexpected event.

2020-03-24 / For Brandon

Potato Farm

How hard can it be to grow a field of potatoes, really?

2020-03-17 / For Jillian

Harvey’s Twist

Harvey's hard-knock life slides into dystopia in the world of coronavirus.

2020-03-10 / For Liz

The Space Between Sneezes

An experiment to capture the power of sneezing goes horribly wrong.

2020-03-03 / For Holli


A tragic accident leads to unexpected consequences.

2020-02-25 / For Carleigh

Top of the Heap

An orchestral debacle in the key of doom.