OK, I know what you’re thinking: why become a patron? Do I get a special pin or something? An honorary title? A chicken named George?

The answer, I’m afraid, is YES! TO EVERYTHING! Except those three things.

What you DO get is:

  1. Access to special content that nobody else gets to see. Ever wonder what an early draft of a pilot script looks like? Now you can see it. Magic!
  2. Peeks at new projects as they’re baking… stuff I really shouldn’t show, but really wanna show.
  3. A warm and fuzzy feeling at helping an artist make art.

Granted, you don’t NEED to become a patron, and I aim to make your life enjoyable regardless, but if you’re so inclined, it’s basically the cost of two cups of Starbucks for a full year of fun. It doesn’t get much better than that. Just ask George. Poor, lonely George.


Become a Patron
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    Being a patron not only lets you see otherwise-hidden content on the site but it also gives you X-RAY VISION!OK, that last part is a lie.OR IS IT? Only one way to be sure...
    - $55 / 1 Year
    Rain Fans get everything, because they're awesome. It costs more ($10/month) but you get a very brutally-honest look into the life of a writer.
    - Free
    You don't get anything fancy with this plan, but you get to remember a new password, so that's... uh... something.