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APRIL 2020

Topic Tag Returns

Yes, everyone's favourite nonsensical pastime is back with a vengeance. Every week, one lucky victim suggests a topic, and I write a short story for them...and then they pick next week's winner. Sound like fun? Good!

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MARCH 2020

Welcome to Bytown

Fall into the vicious world of Bytown, a lawless place where criminal gangs battle for supremacy--and one woman fights for justice against impossible odds.

Bytown is a webfiction series, with new chapters every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from March until the end of November, 2020.

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MARCH 2020

New website!

To kick off the new year right, I decided to completely revamp my website. And then I forgot to launch it. But never mind that! All that matters is it's new, and shiny, and hopefully not prone to exploding.


Happy New Year!

Happiness is coming. I'll be launching what is possibly the most "me" book ever in a few months, and you're invited to share in the insanity. Want a preview copy? Drop me a line and I'll hook you up.


Oki and Nobbin

Oki Pallen knew she was making a mistake when she promised to help Crown Prince Nobbin find his missing planet...she just didn't realize how messy a mistake it would be--or how many enemies she'd made along the way.

My NaNo project for 2019 has wrapped up, and (with a little luck) you may actually get to read it before 2036.