RollBots: Refactored

Too fast to stop

SPIN has done this before. He’s fought VERTEX and the SpiderBots, saved the day, discovered the truth about… about… something. Why does it all feel like a dream?

FLIP CITY hasn’t changed, that’s for sure. It’s still a mess of floating platforms connected by rollercoaster TRAX. There’s still the SAFETY NET, a powerful force field to keep the RollBots safe inside. Or was it to keep something else out…?

But it’s not the same: Spin is a vigilante, working outside the law. Flip City is becoming a fortress as CAPTAIN POUNDER and the FCPD focus on hunting Spin, rather than Vertex’s goons. There’s an urgency to things that Spin can’t quite explain: like they’re all headed for a terrible disaster, and nobody can feel it but him.

Because he’s done this before. And it did not end well.