The Other You

Book The Other You

There are four sides to every story

After her husband Tim's debilitating stroke, Rachel is just starting to put her life back together, learning to take care of this stranger who replaced the love of her life; trying to exist in the safe spaces around his patchy memory and unpredictable temper. But when Tim climbs into bed one night covered in blood, Rachel has to decide where she draws the line between loyalty and lawfulness. But she has to work fast, because while she scrambles to hide evidence, Tim, in his lucid moments, is convincedĀ Rachel has done something awful herself... and he is determined to bring her to justice.

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  • Status
  • Status: Writing (as of 2017.10.14)
  • Words: 8,215 / 80,000 (10%)
  • Chapters: 4 / 40 (10%)
  • Class: Novelette (7,500 - 17,500)
  • Estimated Final: 82,150 words (+3%)
  • Left to Write: 71,785 words
  • Words/Day: 1,043
  • Due Date: March 10, 2018 (-107 days)
  • Estimated Done: September 1, 2018