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The Power Circle

Ross took a cigar from the box, but did not light it. He held it loose between his fingers, rolling it side to side, like a man with an idea, while the others waited.

“No,” he said finally. “I don’t like it. The coup’s gone on too long. We have to cut funding.”

Eddie scratched his beard. “We can’t cut funding,” he said. “We have assets at stake, and—”

“And Pablo! hissed Bart. “He’ll be a sitting duck if we pull out now!”

Ross leaned forward, and all six of his colleagues did the same.

“Pablo brought this on himself,” he said. “Guerilla warfare was never his forte, and it’s ruined the whole enterprise. From now on, we’re going to back Darth Vader!

His voice went jovial, and he downed his Red Bull happily. The others did the same. Ross’ mother paused at the door to the rec room, laundry in hand.

“Would you boys like some pizza?” she asked.

“Would I!” nodded Eddie enthusiastically.

“Thanks, Mrs G!” agreed Howard.

“So,” said Ross, clasping his hands together. “We need to round up some AT-ATs and a brigade of clones to…” he heard his mother close the basement door… “and whatever anti-aircraft launchers we can find.”

“Got it,” nodded Eddie.

“Ross!” called his mother from the top of the stairs. “The pizza’s on its way! Can you pay for it when it gets here?”

“I think so!” Ross replied, pulling a twenty from the top of a briefcase marked “75M.”

“Thanks kiddo! I’ll pay you back!”

“Don’t worry about it,” he smiled. “Senator Palpatine’s got it covered.”

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