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Mars is bad place for survivalists. Unless they're dead.

Convincing people to live on Mars is hard enough, but I've been roped into the promotions game by having to fake a cat-and-mouse game with a noted "survivalist" who's broadcasting his "exciting exploits" back to Earth. There's just one problem with this plan: I killed the guy.

Downside: I have to pretend to be an outdoorsy dunce on Mars, lighting fires and catching squirrels or whatever it is he thought he was gonna do.

Upside: I get to pretend to be an outdoorsy dunce on Mars. This is going to be fun!

"Are you acknowledging I can't travel faster than light? Is that a thing? Am I having a stroke right now? Quick, check my pupils, they've gotta be as blown as my mind."

Meet Niko Joe. She probably hates you.

Niko ran away from Earth because she couldn't stand all the stupid people she had to deal with. Unfortunately for her, pretty much the entire population of Mars is stupid, and it's her job to deal with them. Between her rollercoaster relationship with her co-worker/girlfriend, Eep, and the never-ending irritation with Goran, their boss, Niko has a hard time finding peace and quiet. But hey, at least she can shoot things.

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