The Man With the Improbable Leg

Books The Man With the Improbable Leg

Murder most fowl.

Victorian London drips with danger.

There's a killer on the prowl, and only one man can save the city.

Unfortunately, he's bickering with a talking duck right now.

Maybe later?

Upon further reflection, it was obvious that a pack of pigeons couldn’t carry a whale through the skies over London. Still, that didn’t stop the viewing party from voicing shocked indignation.

While vacationing in London, Archimedes and Finley the foul-mouthed telekinetic fish find themselves caught up in a strange murder plot that reaches into the upper echelons of social power... including the formidable Lord Likely, who fastens his belt long enough to avenge the death of a favourite lover.

But as a greater plot unfolds, Archimedes and Likely find themselves on a collision course... one that may unravel the very social fabric of Great Britain, and let ninjas and bombastic Irish midgets run free!

WARNING: This book is most certainly not for children, or pansies pretending to be grown men.