Kidney Disease Gave Me Brain Damage

Books Kidney Disease Gave Me Brain Damage

A collection of short stories by a thoroughly deranged individual.

What do bunny tacos, sonic toothbrushes, the Anti-Christ and angry gnomes have in common?

More than you can imagine, dear reader. More than you can possibly want to imagine.

"Kidney Disease Gave Me Brain Damage" collects 24.5 of MCM's greatest short stories in one luscious gift package. From horror to science fiction, paranormal romance to just plain romance, we've got it all. If you aren't completely satisfied with what you read, armed men will most certainly not come to silence you.

Warning: some stories involve graphic violence, coarse language, and socks.

"Oh my darkness, you're kidding! You're really Harvey?"

Harvey checked his phone. The number was "(666) 666-6666." He sheathed the handset and pretended he was working on the line again. "Who is this?" he asked quietly.

"I don’t know how to explain," said the voice. "I'm your uncle Lucifer."