Welcome to 2019

Ten years ago, I livewrote a novel on the internet. That is to say: with the help of some awesome folks on Twitter, I asked silly questions, got silly answers, and used those answers to compose the first draft of a book in a little under three days, posting chapters as I went. Pure, wild fun, and one of the best stories I've ever told.

It's been a busy decade, with lots of big changes to keep me on my toes, and oodles of TV scripts under my belt, too. But ten years... it's a milestone. Time to switch gears, and go backward!

The 2019 Project is about getting back to my experimental roots, but in strange new ways. It's not a script, not a novel or ebook, and it's not straight webfiction, either. It's exploring a theme through technology and storytelling. It's like art, except clearly not, because there are laser-dogs.

There are three distinct parts to this project:

  1. The Anti-Anti-Anti-Christs is a series of novellas where the community defines next Victim of the Month, and individual readers define their own main cast.
  2. Black Magic Black Ops is a series of novellas where there's a slate of characters from which you can assemble a team for a particular episode.
  3. You Are the Resistance is [top secret].

2019 is going to be all about the things I like best: fun characters, wild story arcs, community involvement, and technology used in unusual ways. I can't promise life-changing epiphanies, but I can promise this: you won't get this experience anywhere else. Which may be a good thing. Who knows. We'll see.