The Anti-Anti-Anti-Christs
Best enjoyed with an inexpensive coffee and wooden furniture.
Also enjoyable with just legs.
Fun for the whole family until someone scrolls too early, and then it's just instant divorce.
You... you're not actually looking at it...
This guy gets it. Or that's Instagram. That's probably Instagram.
AH! Dammit, Karen! We talked about this!
When an idealistic agent in a secret organization discovers a way to pinpoint the the as-of-yet-unborn Anti-Christ's parents, it triggers a race to save the world — the only question is: how many innocent people will have to die in the process? And how innocent are they, anyway?
A webfiction mini-series where you define the characters.
Known bugs: the they/their pronoun set is flaky, to say the least. I'm researching the best way to fix it, but until then, you will see weird grammatical mishaps everywhere. I'm super-sorry about that... English is my enemy. [2019-01-11]