News / February 1, 2019 We’re Out of Beta, We’re Releasing On Time

The soft launch of the 2019 Project has become a full-on gelatinous launch, which means I can start posting about it semi-publicly for the first time.

Hmm, that probably means you don’t know what it is.

The 2019 Project is my big project for, uh, 2019. It’s made up of 3 different stories told with different variations on the same experimental theme. The first one, The Anti-Anti-Anti-Christs, had its first episode release at the start of January, and the second should be out in a few weeks.

What’s the deal with it? Simple: you define your main cast (first name, last name, pronouns) and see the story unfold. It’s about a gang that is trying to stop the Anti-Christ from being born, but without killing the parents.

On top of the whole “define your heroes” bit, you can also suggest the next parents to be saved — I randomly select suggestions and turn it into the next episode.

I’ve been working on this sucker, both creatively and technically, for about 7 months now, and it’s great to see actually live for a change.

I’ll have more to say on AAAC over the next few days, but until then, go ahead and read the first episode!