Writering / February 21, 2019 Typical.

Things usually work out this way. You come up with an idea, you sketch an outline, you make a detailed plan, then convert it into a spreadsheet of story threads and themes and events and cliffhangers. You’ve got it figured out.

You start writing, and pretty soon all the pieces are clicking and you’re on a proper roll, and — much like when you read a great book — you can feel the ending and can’t wait to reach it, because it will be awesome. POW, straight to the end, mission accomplished!

And then you edit, and revise, and tweak and optimize, and pull on strings that make things better, and cut away darlings that don’t enhance the whole. And now it’s not just working, it’s working, and you can’t wait for more people to read it.

(and, in this particular case, you take another step to add interactivity to it, and abstract and enhance the text itself so it can be customized by the reader, which is a really tricky thing, and leaves you with sentences like:

[rebel-fname] takes the bottle from [lover-fname] and gives [lover-zim] a wink. “[partner-fname]’s not going to like that.”

…which you can probably imagine makes reading things incredibly confusing sometimes.)

And then, after all that work, and all those changes, you’re ready to hit “publish,” but you take the time to re-read the thing one last time… and you realize there’s a better way to set up one of the main threads. Not just “better,” but “essential.” The difference between “yeah” and “wow.”

Which is where I am now.

A week until February ends, and I’m still reworking AAAC #2. Granted, the schedule is insane by novella standards, but gah.

Stay tuned. It’ll be worth it, I promise.