State of the Union / February 18, 2019 SOTU: Week of Feb 18, 2019

Last week was a doozy, and this week’s gettin’ pretty crazy too. Let’s dive right in, because I have no time to spare:

The Anti-Anti-Anti-Christs has a few updates, so I’ll start with the technical: the “interact” element is now available to everyone, freely. It was previously locked behind the paywall, but that was limiting my pool of options, so you can now input to your heart’s content at this link. I’ll unlock another set of parents for every episode, so there’s lots of room to grow.

The Anti-Anti-Anti-Christs also supports ePub downloads. All you need to do is click the “download” arrow on your customized story, and it creates an ePub file that automatically downloads. If you’ve purchased the episode, you get the full story; if not, you get the first half (same as the online version). This feature was much-requested.

The Anti-Anti-Anti-Christs is ALSO close to releasing episode 2. I was a bit slowed down last week by script stuff, but I’m on track to get things polished and ready for this week. It’s not quite as easy as writing a normal story, because there’s the technical element, too. Very cumbersome.

Pvt Wade’s Widows has a new name (maybe a final name?) and I’ve broken the story pretty convincingly. That’ll get underway soon, in between scripts and AAAC.

The Problem King is going out for blurbing. Kinda excited, kinda terrified. More on that later.

Script-stuff is, as usual, taking up a good half of my time, at least. I’m hoping it eases up a BIT, but to be honest, it’s so much fun, I don’t even mind. These are some damn good episodes 🙂

And now, back to my never-ending list of Hell. Stay tuned for AAAC updates… any day now!