State of the Union / January 1, 2019 Happy 2019!

It’s been a crazy few months, but 2019 is finally upon us. And what does that mean? All kinds of fun!

Quick rundown on what’s coming:

  • The Anti-Anti-Anti-Christs is launching in a few days (soft launch to start). It’s a 5-episode series of experimental fiction, and I think it’s gonna be kinda wild.
  • Black Magic Black Ops starts in June for a 5-episode run. The best way to explain it is: you know how, in Mission: Impossible, they select their team before setting out? It’s like that, except the reader chooses.
  • Utopian Hit Squad WILL be getting a home this year. I’ve been sitting on it long enough.
  • The Problem King will similarly be getting out into the world, either through an agent, or just directly.
  • You Are the Resistance launches in November and, well, I am going to need at least 6 months to prepare, and at least 4 to recover afterward đŸ™‚

Want to play along? Stay tuned to this station (and/or website). Things will be getting busy very soon.