State of the Union / March 12, 2018 Oh hi March

OK, so I may or may not have forgotten all about posting here the  last few weeks, but that’s only because I’ve been insanely busy, being distracted by wortkthings. Which I realize is the point of this system, but hey, whatevs.

Jacked is now at Gold Master. The last threads are tightly woven, it packs a punch on many levels at once, and I think it’s ready to roll. Where? That’s a secret for now.

Bad Prophecy (pilot) is a solid beta. The biggest problem with this sucker is that I hate the title. I’ve got to give it a few more days of rest, and then I’ll be farming it out for beta readers.

Utopian Hit Squad is very very solid, and will be going out for beta readers soon. If you want to read an absurd feature screenplay, let me know.

Recovery (pilot) is about 50% done. Maybe a bit less, depending how the story flows from here on out. I’m hoping to be done in a few days, and be ready for beta readers by the end of March.

Drink Draw Die is a feature I dreamt up last week, and it’s already about 1/3 done. It’s horror (shudder) and lots of fun and if it doesn’t fall apart on me, it may be ready for beta readers in late April. Sooner, if inspiration continues to strike.

Red, Like is going to get a pair of updates soon, to kinda nudge it into the next level. I’ve been fiddling with some technical problems (I’ll explain in a blog post when it’s like) but the real punchline is about to hit, and hopefully everyone likes it.

And beyond that, some new things that are on the way: two experimental projects that kinda follow a similar theme, in that they merge my screenwriting brain with my booky brain. As a preview:

Keep Fighting is a series about a hero who resisted the darkness, won the day… but now has to pose as a would-be villain to draw out other baddies so she can defeat them, too.

Eating the Galaxy is from the Martian Times best-selling author of “Eating Myself”, where she explores the cultures and traditions of the human (and non-human) colonies through a local guide, and learns a few fun recipes along the way!

I’ll have more on those in a few weeks. I’m ALSO working hard on a side gig, which takes up a decent amount of my time, so I’m a bit slower than usual right now. A bit.

I’ve gotta get my beta reader system online… pronto…