State of the Union / February 5, 2018 Oh hey, a trap door!

Last week was all kinds of fun, except in the productivity department. Let’s just say buying a house is infinitely more time-sucking than it seems at the outset… and it seems pretty time-sucking already.

This week is a giant U-turn of fun:

Utopian Hit Squad has suddenly jumped to the top of the queue for reasons I cannot explain just yet. I will be hunting for beta readers soon. Stay tuned on Facebook.

Red, Like is just about ready to release its second part this week. Just have to tweak a few things so I don’t kill my server. (I spent 4x as much on hosting this last month as I normally do… evidently Jiro’s interviews are popular!)

And that’s it for this week, partly because writing a feature script is a big endeavour, and partly because I don’t want to over-commit when there’s so much packing to be done 🤪

With a little luck, I’ll be ready to resume my prior activities by mid-month, and actually release something for a chance.

Wish me luck!