State of the Union / February 19, 2018 All the progress. All of it.

Last week, Utopian Hit Squad was done, but it was a vomit pass. Normally, I’d take a break before starting a revision, because distance helps with perspective… but this time I had too many ideas.

So, for the record, Doc is gone. It’s too bad, because I really loved his personality, but he was always in the background, never connected to the moment… so poof he goes. As a consequence, the Sam you’ll (probably) see is more human than before. Doc’s absence pushed Meka more into clown territory, and that overlapped with Sam too much, so I gave her darkness. And a niece. Woo!

Anyway, all of which is to say: UHS is at a solid D1 now, and ready for alpha readers. Which means I should probably finish my alpha reader system. Bah.

In other news, Jacked is also fully upgraded with the new series twist fully integrated. I can’t say more than that, but it feels SO much stronger now.

Confession time: I always watch TV shows thinking: I don’t see how they’re writing 55-ish pages for this drama… it feels like AT LEAST twice that many to get all these moments packed in there. It’s possibly my tendency to write rambling dialogue, but I just feel like my stories are always so much simpler. But with this latest Jacked, I got there. It’s dense and fast AND rambling. I feel like I finally growed up. Vaguely.

This week I’m powering through my Jacked package, my Izzy package, and dear god I am going to get Red, Like out the door. Somehow.

Anyway, if you’re keen to alpha read a movie script, drop me a line. Otherwise, stay tuned for more fun and excitement!